About me

I am a spanish graphics programmer working at Rockstar Games in Edinburgh, Scotland. Before that I developed Fuel Renegades (PC, Steam) while studying at ESAT Valencia, and bad_alloc (PS4) while studying at Sheffield Hallam University.

During my career I have gained experience developing for PC and the current generation of consoles across multiple disciplines, though I feel most comfortable in graphics and engine programming (I save my programmer art only for game jams). I am always looking forward to grow my skills and improve as a coder and a person, that's why I drive all my projects with enthusiasm, creativity, proactivity and positivity (and a fair bit of humor).

My passion for graphics is rendered brightest (haha!) in real-time physically based material appearance, that's why lately I've been working on an extended single-layered material model based on the Microfacet Theory for my own open-source engine, vxr (Github).

You can check out my full portfolio here or have a look at my resume!